Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

V1.3 is work in progress -> sneakpeak

Hi everyone *wavehandinfrontoftft*

Made a vid where you can see the changes of lightning. Now Enemies dont show up in dark areas with no light, they stay dark till they reach a lightend place. Same with Pets NPCs. Its not the newest version of the mod but you will see what a mean.

The other thing.. i will show you a sneakpeak on ACT5 that will come with V1.3. So here some pics from the new Town (Old Windview), a "Ghostcity" where the new adventure will start. The goal here is to make something different and not recycle whole dungeons etc..  its an alpha stage but totally playable as it is.

Sort of Monsters that will spawn on Act5. they will look like "phantom" versions of Monsters who already in the game like the nether you see below.

So im working on Textures Lightning and Act 5 now. Much to do but V1.3 will be awsome!